Spring Scent – Chloé Love Story

I’ve actually had this perfume since last summer so I’d be lying if I said I’ve just purchased it for spring. Despite having it for quite some time it isn’t one that I typically reach for, in fact my favourite perfume of all time is Estee Lauder modern muse chic. I bloody love that stuff. Love story is perfect for spring as it has quite a dusky floral scent. I love that this perfume doesn’t hit you straight in the face and suffocate you and I also love that it lasts all day.

Spring Cleaning

As we approach a new season, cleaning is in order. What an easier place to begin tidying than your wardrobe. It’s so easy to cling on to clothes that we’re never going to wear, but just in case we can’t bring ourselves to part with. I have plenty of tops that I’ve bought full of lust but once they’re on a hanger they never leave it. Even through my own clothing spring clean out I have struggled to part with clothes that I honestly haven’t even worn since 2013. I personally definitely needed a spring clothing clean out as I need to make space on my rail for maternity wear, I need to stop convincing myself that at 23 weeks pregnant I can still, with a bit of luck, squeeze into my size 6 skirts. It just isn’t happening; baby T is getting bigger and I need to accept the fact that I am no longer a slim girl.

Another benefit of having a clothing spring clean is that you can easily earn yourself a few extra pennies, list your unwanted items on Depop or Ebay – hopefully they’ll sell then you will have a few extra quid in the bank. I do find Depop very hit-or-miss when it comes to if my things will sell. Alternatively, I hate the way Ebay don’t take seller fees until the end of the month because I always forget then get an unexpected bill.

Having a big spring clean out of your bedroom or home can be very beneficial for the new season too. A thorough de-clutter can make you feel a lot more tidy, clean and organised. If you have a lot of clutter that you can’t bring yourself to part with perhaps invest in some new storage. I for one certainly need to invest in some new bedroom storage as I have things shoved in and under every nook and cranny in that room, no shame
S x

A Long Weekend

I was lucky enough to have Tom all to myself this week, finally!!! With having the weekend off, we thought we would make the most by exploring. I feel as though my blog posts at the minute are just full of me blabbing about Tom so I do apologise for that!

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne & Berwick
The first place we went to was The Holy Island of Lindisfarne. In all fairness, there’s not really a lot there apart from the sea and some castle ruins, but we were lucky enough to catch the island on a nice day. It was also surprisingly busy for a Friday. We had a walk along the sea then had a little wander around the village which was so cute. I was determined to find some rock because I’ve wanted a stick of rock for months now. I was very happy when I found a shop that sold rock other than mint flavour so of course I bought some. After that we popped into Pilgrims Coffee house and it was so nice inside - I wish I took a photo. Slowly running out of things to do, we had a drive into Berwick. Berwick was slightly disappointing (sorry if you live there!) but we did get to see an otter in the river which was interesting.

Alnwick Gardens & Alnmouth
On Saturday we had a little drive up to Alnwick gardens as that is also somewhere I’ve never been before. Yes, I’ve been living under a rock - I’ve not been to many places! Probably wasn’t the best time of year to go as none of the flowers had blossomed and I was slightly cold so Tom had to sacrifice his scarf. Despite the lack of warm weather and flowers it was considerably fun. However, it wasn’t fun being practically forced to sit on a lion with a stick in my hand pretending I’m charging to battle, not embarrassing at all. Thanks Tom. After Alnwick we last minute decided to go to Alnmouth which had a cute, but small, town centre. After craving coffee for nearly 3 hours we finally found a little café only for it to sell the weakest, flavourless coffee and weirdest tasting mochas.

On Sunday we just had a typical Sunday kind of day, tidying, lazing and cooking our best dinner yet.

S x

Valentines Day

I still feel as though valentines is an unnecessary occasion but of course it is widely hyped about and celebrated. I don’t often care greatly for valentines day but this year I have been so excited. Excited for two reasons. Number one, I get to spend valentines with a lovely individual. Number two, I get to see our mini lovely individual at our 20-week scan. We didn’t exactly make any actual arrangements, we pretty much just set out to have an us day and wing it.

In my opinion, big gestures aren’t particularly obligatory for a ‘holiday’ like valentines day. You scroll through social media and see girls receiving expensive jewellery or surprise trips to Paris or wherever. I’m not being a green eyed monster I swear, the thought and effort is lovely but for me personally I would rather set aside big gifts for the likes of birthdays and Christmas. This year for my gift Tom drove us up to Alnwick and bought me a book from Barter Books that I’ve had my eye on for quite some time. For Tom I baked a chocolate fudge cake and really tried my best to decorate it nicely but evidently my artistic skills are not a strength of mine. I also made some valentines coupons which I forgot to take a photo of but he thought they were both great gifts – no signs of food poisoning just yet!

This scrapbook has no relation to valentines gifting, in fact this was a gift I gave Tom when I moved down to York. I think scrapbooks are a great gift idea regardless of the occasion. I love that I can always add to this (well, until the pages are full) and I can add to it any time, it’s not just a one off thing. There’s no guidelines for scrapbooking, you can literally add anything and everything; receipts, photos, wrappers, literally anything you want to add you add it. I’m mentioning the scrapbook in this post as it’s nice to look over what we have done together so far, especially on a day that is initiated for love.

This morning we had our hospital appointment and we did contemplate staying in Newcastle but I just wasn’t feeling it today so after our scan we went through to Morpeth. We popped into the garden centre then grabbed a wee bite to eat at The Black Bull. Somehow Tom felt tipsy after one drink so we went for a sober up coffee then just headed back home. 

To end the day Tom is going to cook us a three course meal which I certainly can’t wait for. What did you get up to?
S x


January has been quite the stressful month. Two moves and a potential court case later and we’re finally settled. That probably makes things sound a lot worse than what they are. Allow me to elaborate.

So just after Christmas me and Tom paid our administration fee securing what we thought was a lovely flat. We were going into the new year super excited to move in to our smart appearing, open plan new property. Oh, how wrong we were. Note to self – always make sure you view somewhere through the day, not just at night especially when there aren’t even bulbs in every room. We collected the keys at the beginning of January and rushed to the place full of excitement to get to see it again. Almost instantly there were problems.

I’ll run a brief of the problems and try my best to be polite. You will likely think I’m just nit picking with some of them, I probably am.
·        - Problem number one, the boiler had this rotten egg smell and I’m not sure why but by god it was awful and made the whole place smell not just the bathroom. It quite literally made me throw up.
·         -There was damp on the living room wall as well as the wall near the main door way.
·         -There was a gate securing the car park and despite the landlord knowing Tom works unsociable hours he still decided to lock it with a bolt at the bottom meaning Tom had to climb the gate to get his car in. Not ideal when you live within close proximity of a police station.  
·        - We were ever so lucky to have a small yard out front. So so lucky with our lovely patch of pavement covered in rubbish and broken furniture from the last tenant. May I also add that the recycling bin was essentially destroyed and the landlord made no efforts to replace the bin.
·         -The kitchen tap was not fitted securely and safely which we didn’t notice until we moved in. speaking of kitchen, the units were evidently the cheapest of the cheap and weren’t even straight. The whole kitchen was a cheap job and it wasn’t half obvious.

I’m somewhat annoyed that we even invested in the flat because it was pretty much just a big waste of money. On the bright side, we learnt a lesson and we now have a lovely home in a nice and quiet area. I’m over the moon because I have my dark laminate flooring and Tom keeps going on about how much he loves having his own drive, happy all around. The potential court case reference was due to me refusing to pay the estate agent a tenant finders fee. The fee is pretty much to pay the agent to advertise the property and find someone to live there but she literally just had to call someone on a waiting list who wanted the flat. I’m not paying £150 for that. No way, stubborn girl over here.

Hopefully February will be a little less hassle of a month. 

Why i quit University

 So this post is well over due as I actually officially left the University of York a little over a month ago. It’s difficult to narrow down one specific reason as to why I decided to depart as there are a few factors that contribute to the list.

One of the leading factors why I left was due to lack of finances. I advise anyone now, if you’re moving away from home for uni make sure you have savings because if you don’t then you’re quite simply fucked. Unfortunately, I’m the kind of person who leaves everything until last minute and I convince myself it’s fine. It’s not fine. Don’t do it. My main difficulty regarding money was the cost of accommodation, which at just over £5,000 isn’t too bad really but I was relying on my NHS bursary to pay that off, to which I was only entitled £2,700. I couldn’t have made up the remaining costs on my own. On top of that I was also having to pay for the likes of food, makeup or toiletries I needed plus travel for around York and travel costs for getting back to Newcastle – my budget was only £30 a week for all of that.

Leading on to the next factor, somewhat home sick. I think everyone experiences home sickness to a certain degree when they move away from home. I missed family and I missed my best friend and I missed my partner a lot. I’d say that is another strong reason as to why I chose to return home. Fair enough York isn’t that far away from Newcastle but it’s a lot more comforting know that I’m only around the corner as opposed to 90 miles away. Plus, I knew that when it came to doing placement I would’ve only been able to come home once every few weeks or so.

Leaving York has been difficult. I feel as though I’ve lost my opportunity to obtain my desired career and right now I’m just feeling like a bit of a disappointment, I feel as though I’ve let a lot of people down for returning home. It was fun whilst it lasted and all the girls I met who I lived with were so lovely. It is comforting to know that I’m not the only person in my position though, just unsure as to what my next step is but there has to be a silver lining somewhere. 

March Favourites

La vie est belle - Lancome
Studio top - Zara

Will Grayson, Will Grayson - Waterstones

HydraQuench Lotion & Extra-Comfort Tonning Lotion - Clarins

I know it’s only mid-March but I thought I’d do March favourites (whilst I have the energy) - I haven’t done a favourites post in quite a while so I decided what better way to kick-start my blog by doing one! I haven’t blogged properly in ages for quite a few reasons really. A-levels is the biggest put off point, doing subjects which are high demand for coursework aren’t as easy as they seem and I’m constantly behind meaning I haven’t had the time to focus on anything else. I guess I’ve also somewhat hit ‘writers block’ concerning blogging - I’m too overwhelmed with other things to come up with ideas for content. Moral of the story, don’t do A-levels.